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Healing Hearts' mission is to be a liaison, support, advocate, and provide assistance to those in need in our community by assisting in providing a range of services based on hygiene essentials, food, education, mental and spiritual health, and empowerment with unconditional love.



Project Inspire

Project Inspire is a program where we utilize our creativity and artistic skills to make Inspiration Stones with positive messages for others to cherish. We paint and leave them throughout our community, as well as, send them around the world. It’s not a game or a contest. It’s about random acts of kindness. Sharing a little piece of art with a total stranger or exchanging with a friend. It’s about people getting together to paint and laugh. It’s about making someone’s day brighter, or sending a little message of encouragement or someone who needs it. It’s positive energy that we can send out in the smallest of things, without expecting anything in return. As a group, we can make this happen. We will have many new programs coming out of Project Inspire so please keep watching for new community acts of kindness we’ll be giving.

Project Inspire is held throughout the year.
It is an hour of meditation and expression through painting rocks.

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Your Story Matters

Healing Hearts' “Your Story Matters” is a one of a kind leadership program dedicated to aligning our youth’s mind, body, and soul through agape love and forgiveness to empower them to have the confidence and skills needed to excel in their lives, own their own business, and then pay it forward in a meaningful way.

Time to Heal

Develop a personal empowerment and holistic lifestyle. Increase your awareness of your true potential so you can find your true life’s purpose. Create a vision of the life you want to live. Connect you with other life coaches that will aid you.

We offer this program once every quarter.

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Leadership Program

Self Awareness and Discovery

Stress Management


Conflict Resolution


Transitioning Thought Gratitude

Developing a Positive Support System


Project Inspire 

Tradeskills scholarship

Extended Programs

Models For A Cause

Talent Show

Back to Nature

Kidpreneurs Business

Get Involved

Show Gratitude with the SendOutCards App

Create and send your own cards with ease, expressing your gratitude, love, and support!


Become a Partner

From supporting us on our Outreach to joining one of our programs, we welcome and encourage any action in supporting our cause!

Make a Donation

Everything Healing Hearts does stems from an act of generosity that's purely voluntary. You don't have to donate. That's why it's so extraordinary when you do.

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