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“Just know you have impacted my life so much.  Thank you for listening to me and talking to my Mom over the phone.  You make me focus on school and showed me that giving up isn’t an option.  I want to let you know that I stopped ditching school and smoking weed since we last had that talk.  I’m trying to get that trust back with my Mom and it’s getting better little by little.  Thank you for all the advice and helping me out with certain things.  I know I didn’t really like opening up to you, but you showed me that showing how to do so can really help me out.  I appreciate everything you do and I’m bringing up my grades.  I got my phone back because my Mom and I had a good talk.  Thank you for checking up on me everyday.”

JC (14 years old) - Student of "Your Story Matters"

"My name is Lefarus knows am an artist from far away promise land Ethiopia. Yolanda and Healing Hearts helps me all in my life to be strong to never lose hope to give to be a good man in life.  In Africa its so hard, things will never b the same so in that struggle i met Yolanda; founder of Healing Hearts organization.  She has helped me a lot through her support for my school and my music.  She helps promote my music and to me she is Wonder Woman.  She is an angel that never stops giving.  She’s helped me heal my heart and in return I’ve written great poetry about my Angel, Yolanda.  She has a great heart and she is my life saver."

Lefarus - Healing Hearts

"Ever since Yolanda and Healing Hearts came into my life I’ve learned how to be more happy.  I used to be in a horrible state.  I would never get along with my mom, dad or sister. She’s helped me learn how to control my anger, anxiety and depression.  She’s taught me how to care, love and appreciate others.  In the past I had thoughts of killing myself, but I now know how to control that.  Even though sometimes stuff gets hard I won’t let those thoughts come back."

NR (14 years old) - I'm Happier Now

"I had been experiencing frustration, being overwhelmed, drained, and exhausted for way too many months. I had lost three very important people to me in a span of 6 weeks and just couldn’t take all the negativity around me at home and work anymore.  My emotions were all over the place.  I had a couple more after that to continue on with the release I needed.  After each session I could feel a refreshing calming/inner peace in my body.  I began to observe my thoughts and emotions over the next several days and those around me.  I had no desire to get into any negativity talk anymore, my voice was much quieter and calmer, those around me who wanted to get into negative and badgering “discussions” could no longer engage me where they could in the past. 

If you are struggling in life with negative emotions and find yourself being “down” much of the time even though you know you are a positive person I strongly encourage you to take a look at this.  The worst that can happen is you will find how to be happy again.  Isn’t that what life is all about."

Deanna - Sound Healing Treatment

"The way Healing Hearts has changed me is that I’m more communicative and I care more about others.  For example if I saw a kid, girl or anyone sad I would now go up to them and ask if they are okay and if they are not I’d try my best to make them feel better.  I also watch who I hang out with now.  I also help the homeless when able, if I have a dollar or two I buy them a drink or something to eat."

LR (15 years old) - Student of "Your  Story Matters"

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